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NanoSwinSID for Commodore 64/128

SwinSID is a microcontroller based clone of the SID, the audio chip used in nearly all 8-bit Commodore computers in the 80’s, and later in some chiptune synths like SIDStation. The original SID ( Sound Interface Device) was designed by the engineer Robert Yannes and produced by Mostek under the names MOS 6581 and MOS 8580 from the early 80’s to the early 90’s. Despite the production of the original SIDs stopped years ago, you still can find spare units of unknown origin in some internet sales sites, but they are very expensive and usually have some of their parts damaged ( it is not strange to find units with malfunctioning filters or oscillators ).
The SwinSID clone was designed by Swinkels in 2005, who made different improvements on it along the years. A user of the, named x1541, reduced the size of the PCB of one of the spin offs of the original project named micro SwinSID. This reduced size version is known as nano SwinSID. SwinSID is not 100% compatible with the original SID but is one of the few options that exists to replace the original SIDs. The current version of nano SwinSIDb does not implement the analog inputs for the paddles, does not have the audio EXT input, and in some cases may not treat the sound exactly in the same way than the SID,  but is a very good alternative to it. Swinkels explains very well in his site the advantages and limitations of the Swin SID.


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