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Top 10 things from Aliexpress for Retro-engineer

1.    Xgpro(MiniPro) TL866II/TL866-3G programmer

XGpro T48 is a better version and is available here:

2.    Gotek Floppy emulator

Gotek can be modded to add I2C display and buzzer.

Most of new revisions come with STM32 clone – AT32, can be flashed using USB cable.

3.    Joysticks – SNES joystick Atari-compatible joystick

This joystick will help to work on Commodore 64/Amiga/Atari machines, but it can be rewired for any other machine (MSX, ZX Spectrum).

4.    GBS8200 and GBSC upscalers/scandoublers

This thing is very useful if you want to have a good quality of your image and use your primary monitor while working with retro computer. Personally I’ve tested it on Commodore Amiga. – GBSC  – GBS8200

5.    Anycubic I3 Mega X 3d printer – Anycubic I3 Mega X Anycubic Store

6.    SCART HDMI converter

SCART can contain composite and RGB signals. This converter supports RGB format, so provides better quality.

7.    Famous chips

68000 – microprocessor for Amiga, XC68000, Sega and others

68030 – microprocessor for many expensive Amiga accelerators

MOS 6502 – microprocessor for dozens of retro computers

YMF262 – OPL3 sound chip, produces SEGA-like music, and other FM

YAC512 – necessary component for YMF262

I8086 –

KC89C72 – AY3-8910 sound chip functional analog

8.    Capacitors for recapping

200x small radial capacitor pack

SMD capacitors

9.    Cartridge case – Atari Jaguar – Sega Genesis/MD – NES cartridge(with games)

10.    EEPROM chips – EEPROM eraser – 27C512 – 27C040 -27C020 – 27C32 – W27C020


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