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Manufacturer info page for Digifiz Replica for VW mk2

This post will be extended and improved while there is more info

As we sold many Digifiz Replica units on behalf of Duplux Production ( there are many common questions and corresponding answers should be. There will be some more info regarding the device.

As a Russian development, the original page of Digifiz Replica is on the Russian social network VK, here:

Also, I’ve created a Telegram page of Digifiz Replica some time ago:

Currently, here is an official Manual for Digifiz Replica on English:

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UltiSID is released

UltiSID is released publicly and is now tested:

UltiSID while testing
UltiSID while testing

You can also order PCBs almost assembled using JLCPCB order files provided in the repository.
New UltiSID is highly inspired by Kung Fu Flash – and commonly, it is a Kung Fu Flash with a special firmware(Kung Fu SID, included as a submodule)

Video: – small video of new hardware and software working on a real C64.

By the way, I have 4 extra chips and I can send/sell them somewhere if someone wants to check them out.
As it was declared initially, UltiSID is completely free and open-source even for commercial purposes (GPLv3 license)
I will be happy if someone will improve the project or add some new functions to it. It still lacks paddles, but new hardware supports it.
As well, there is an OpAmp on output cascade, and output is completely generated by DAC, not PWM as on SwinSID – which ensures smooth and good generation of sound. I still need some optimization of code.

There are no hard flaws as it was before on the previous revision of the hardware. It processes data and it is possible to read it back, it works stable.

I would also be happy for any donation:
PayPal is unfortunately banned in Russia, as Russia resident I am unable to use it, even if I’m not in Russia actually(as it is)
0xeDc17cb23241eACe19DF3617291aa7d2d92E62DC – USDT/ETH ERC20
0x77c411fdedc72b034432571ae9aee10330b72d6c – USDT BSC20 – or buy something here(my 3d models of C64 for 3d printing)

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Top 10 things from Aliexpress for Retro-engineer

1.    Xgpro(MiniPro) TL866II/TL866-3G programmer

XGpro T48 is a better version and is available here:

2.    Gotek Floppy emulator

Gotek can be modded to add I2C display and buzzer.

Most of new revisions come with STM32 clone – AT32, can be flashed using USB cable.

3.    Joysticks – SNES joystick Atari-compatible joystick

This joystick will help to work on Commodore 64/Amiga/Atari machines, but it can be rewired for any other machine (MSX, ZX Spectrum).

4.    GBS8200 and GBSC upscalers/scandoublers

This thing is very useful if you want to have a good quality of your image and use your primary monitor while working with retro computer. Personally I’ve tested it on Commodore Amiga. – GBSC  – GBS8200

5.    Anycubic I3 Mega X 3d printer – Anycubic I3 Mega X Anycubic Store

6.    SCART HDMI converter

SCART can contain composite and RGB signals. This converter supports RGB format, so provides better quality.

7.    Famous chips

68000 – microprocessor for Amiga, XC68000, Sega and others

68030 – microprocessor for many expensive Amiga accelerators

MOS 6502 – microprocessor for dozens of retro computers

YMF262 – OPL3 sound chip, produces SEGA-like music, and other FM

YAC512 – necessary component for YMF262

I8086 –

KC89C72 – AY3-8910 sound chip functional analog

8.    Capacitors for recapping

200x small radial capacitor pack

SMD capacitors

9.    Cartridge case – Atari Jaguar – Sega Genesis/MD – NES cartridge(with games)

10.    EEPROM chips – EEPROM eraser – 27C512 – 27C040 -27C020 – 27C32 – W27C020