LumaFix64 PCB only


The device for reducing VIC-II artifacts on C64/C64C. PCB only

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The LumaFix64 Mod PCB only

Guys on a German Commodore 64 forum to come up with a solution for reducing the inherent ‘clock noise’ of the VIC-II graphics chip and the color bleeding of the S-video signal. The problems are easily recognized in the form of vertical lines (banding artifacts) or as a checkered pattern spanning across most of the screen, depending on the monitor signal being used (Composite or S-video). The issues are not as profound when using one of those good old CRT based televisions or monitors (which some breadbox aficionados think of as being esoteric…). However, when using a modern TV, the effects may even worsen as the video outputs of the graphics chip are not optimized for modern day equipment. The following two pictures show examples of the two types of artifacts.



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